The InkEdibles Creator Gallery
The InkEdibles Creator Gallery

InkEdibles Affiliate Program

Thank you for Your Interest in the Affiliate Program!

The InkEdibles affiliate program draws your audience to, which stocks high quality edible ink and other cake decoration supplies, including also custom printed edibles that customers can order right from our website. We offer the largest assortment of digital cake decoration supplies and equipment and are one of the largest and most popular digital cake decoration brands in the United States, making brand recognition and audience shopping conversion rates very high.

This program is geared towards value-minded individuals and businesses who have a captive audience (bloggers, social media influencers, and even other cake decoration resellers) who want to benefit from directing their traffic towards a high-converting website and benefit from the referred sales.

InkEdibles Affiliate Program Benefits:

  • 5% Commission on qualified referred sales
  • 5% Commission on your own orders (unless you have wholesale or special pricing)
  • 10% Bonus on any commission earned, if you convert your commission to store credit
  • Monthly newsletters with offers and sales sneak peeks
  • Banners, creative & text links: choose content that's right for your customers & optimize conversion
  • Exclusive, affiliate-only promo codes and offers

Affiliate Eligibility:

In order to qualify to become an Affiliate, you need to:

  1. Have an account with (Create Account)
  2. Be invited and/or accepted into the program (to apply, click here)
  3. Agree and comply with the Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions

How it Works:

Once you are accepted into the Affiliate Program, you will have access to unique URLs (links) whenever you are logged into your account at

In order to earn commission, you simply needs to share your unique link(s) that will be visible on any page of (as long as you are logged in).
For example, on page

Towards the bottom of the page, the affiliate will see a unique URL, for example:

In the above example, the URL that ends in &afl=12 is unique for that affiliate. As long as you share that URL, and your referred traffic results in a confirmed qualified sale, you will earn commission on that sale.

The commission is currently set to 5% but is subject to change and subject or to be removed from select items or categories.
Affiliates can also earn 5% for their own orders as well, however this is also subject to change and in future the commissions may only be valid on referred orders (not own orders).

Order statuses will be tracked, and affiliates will earn commissions when an order ships. For more info please view the Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions.

You can view commission that you have earned, and request a payout in cash, or a conversion of your commission into a store credit from the "Affiliate Program" link that will be shown on your account.

Commission payouts can be requested when your commission balance reaches $100 or higher, and will be paid via check. Commissions can be redeemed at anytime (with no minimums) as store credit. Converting your commission to store credit also earns you a 10% bonus on your commission balance.